We are the world's leading company in the mass production of bagging systems.

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Mass-production system for paper shopping bags.

Highly-efficient fine powder bagging system with minimal loss.

Industrial Sewing Machine

Paper Shopping Bag Mass Production
Fine Powder Bagging Machine
Sewing Machine

NLI Chicago Inc. serves as the US-based office of Newlong Industrial Co., Ltd., a global leader in manufacturing various types of bagging machines and industrial sewing machines.

Newlong Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 1941, has emerged as a leader in the bagging system industry through its dedication to innovation over the past 75 years. Our wide-ranging products have supported various sectors, including food, daily supplies, fertilizer, chemical products, semiconductors, and wafers, which has significantly contributed to the economy. In Japan, we have attained a domestic market share of 95% in industrial sewing machines, 90% in shopping bagging systems, and 80% in heavy-duty bagging systems, in addition to being at the top of the global market share for these products. Our success stems from the visionary work of our R&D team and the integrated system development in collaboration with our customers, meeting their requirements. With evolving and increasingly sophisticated technology, Newlong Industrial continues to be at the forefront of innovation, delivering state-of-the-art bagging systems to you.